Who founded Maui Wowi Hawaiian?
Jeff and Jill Summerhays in 1983. Today, Maui Wowi Hawaiian is one of the fastest growing food and beverage franchise businesses in the U.S.
When was the first franchise awarded and how many franchise owners are there today?
The first franchise was awarded in 1997 when we first started to franchise Maui Wowi Hawaiian. v
We have over 300 franchisees and nearly 500 operating units.
Where can I find a Maui Wowi Hawaiian location?
You can find our franchisees operating from mobile carts at various events and retail locations
across the U.S. Check out www.mauiwowi.com and click on “Find a Maui Wowi.”
Where is Maui Wowi Hawaiian headquartered?
We are headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado, just south of Denver.
What are the preliminary financial requirements?
You need to have a minimum of $50,000 in liquid capital and a minimum of $250,000 in total
net worth.
What is the franchise fee for Maui Wowi Hawaiian?
Maui Wowi Hawaiian offers the following initial franchise fee:
• DRS (Director of Regional Support aka Area Developer) - Franchise fee is dependent on territory and population
• $59,500 – Empire Builder – operate up to 10 units (mobile carts, retail or combination)
• $34,500 – Standard – operate up to 3 units (mobile carts, retail or combination)
• $27,500 – Single Unit – operate one retail unit
In the United States, including the initial franchise fee, initial investment costs for your first unit ranges from $80,000 - $550,000. These numbers depend on many factors, such as the business model you select, the size of your business and its location. Our Education Process will help you determine which business model will fit you the best.
What DRS territories are still available?
All territories (DMAs) are available, except for the following that are already taken: Michigan, Arizona, Houston DMA, Los Angeles DMA, Orange County DMA, Tampa Bay/St Petersburg DMA, Miami DMA, San Bernardino DMA, San Diego DMA, Northern Chicago DMA, 5 Burroughs of NY, New Jersey, St Louis/Jefferson DMA, Louisville/Lexington DMA, Bowlen Green DMA
Does Maui Wowi Hawaiian offer any financial assistance?
We help by with financing assistance via third party.
How does Maui Wowi Hawaiian handle royalties?
Maui Wowi Hawaiian does not charge royalties on the sales of our proprietary products. Royalites are collected on the sales of nonproprietary products, such as our extensive line of Made in Hawaii products.
How do you handle site selection?
We have a Real Estate Department and network of brokers who will help you to select a location within our site criteria to assure you have the best location for the opportunity to be successful.
How does Maui Wowi Hawaiian support their franchisees?
Our Support Team will assist you with everything from initial training in Denver and extended training in Hawaii, to getting your business set up, to teaching you how to make smoothies, coffee and espresso drinks, to coaching you on managing your business and beyond to help you be as successful as possible.
How much money can I make?
There are a lot of factors that will effect how much you can make. You will get a better idea when you start putting together a pro-forma during our exclusive free Education Process designed to help us both make a decision on whether Maui Wowi
is right for you and you are right for Maui Wowi.