What a Long Strange Trip it has Been.


Jeff and Jill SummerhaysOrganically pollinated in 1983 by Jeff & Jill Summerhays, Maui Wowi Hawaiian was built to provide their 'Ohana (family) a healthy alternative to the sugar and fat laden foods that seemed to be everywhere they turned.

The Summerhayses offered their Fresh Fruit Smoothieswherever they felt like going. Australia's Gold Coast seemed like a beautiful place to hang out so they took their drinks there. Soon the Aussies learned to crave them as much as the Yanks. And the Summerhayses learned to serve the crowd fast and furious because you never know when crowds will disperse.

Over the years the Summerhayses packaged an all-natural line of proprietary smoothie blends by painstakingly creating their own non-fat yogurt recipe, researching exotic locations for their fruit juices, fruit purees and all-natural flavorings and blending them into what we consider to be the highest quality smoothies in the world.

From tiny, neighborhood fundraisers to high volume locations like the Salt Palace Convention Center and the Utah State Fair, their all natural, high vitamin, low calorie, fresh fruit smoothies proved to be massively successful.

Michael Haith - Maui Wowi Hawaiian CEOIn 1997, Michael Haith, then a food & beverage consultant and seasoned entrepreneur, met the Summerhayses at the Utah Arts Festival. Just one look at the reaction of the raving fans to Jeff & Jill's high quality, healthy products was all he needed to see. Haith brought his seasoned business skills to the company and a franchise system was truly born.

The concept is undeniable. We offer a simple business, allowing local, franchised business owners to build their own businesses promoting healthy, quality products under the Maui Wowi Hawaiian brand umbrella.

The demand is undeniable. As our Hawaiian Fresh Fruit Smoothies had proven so popular, we then set out to bring Hawaiian coffees to the Mainland. In 2003, Maui Wowi Hawaiian added an exclusive line of Kona espresso and Cappuccino drinks as well as a gourmet line of blended coffees from Maui, Kona, Kauai, and Molokai. We have grown to become a cult brand offering the best of the Hawaiian Islands.

Today, Maui Wowi Hawaiian has grown into a wildly successful franchise system with over 400 franchise operations nationwide and another 800 units under development. Anywhere people gather; in stores, office buildings, hospitals, health clubs, schools, universities, event venues, shopping malls, department stores, car washes, Maui Wowi Hawaiian is connecting to the mind, heart and soul of our customers in a true, 'Aloha Spirit'.