Maui Wowi Hawaiian - Hawaiian Products

All-Natural Fresh Fruit Smoothies
Black Raspberry Maui Wowi Hawaiian Fresh Fruit SmoothieIf you haven't tried Maui Wowi Hawaiian, where have you been? For 23 years, our all-natural, vitamin-packed, non-fat, Fresh Fruit Smoothies have been served throughout the country. Pre-packaged to ensure the integrity of Maui Wowi Hawaiian, our fresh fruit blends are a combination of our secret non-fat yogurt recipe with the best in tropical fruit purees and fresh fruit juices. We mix 'em to order wikiwiki with a fresh banana. They have been a cult favorite for decades. You gotta get one.

Hawaiian Coffees and Kona Espressos
Maui Wowi Hawaiian - Coffee, Espresso and Chillin'Kinda says it all, doesn't it? The best of the best is carefully roasted and blended to create one of the richest, smoothest coffees in the world. Maui Wowi Hawaiian has found the same magic on Kona's sister islands. Coffee plantations on the Hawaiian Islands of Kauai, Maui and Molokai help to create an amazing, exclusive 'Ohana of Hawaiian coffees. Have you ever had a Kona blend cappuccino or espresso? How about a latte? We take the Hawaiian king of coffees and we blend our exclusive line of Kona espresso-based beverages either hot or mixed with ice to provide a truly awesome beverage good any time - pre-surf session or post.