Maui Wowi Hawaiin

Maui Wowi Hawaiian is as close as you can get to going to Hawaii without hopping on a plane. It is a cool gathering place where you'll find great Hawaiian coffees, all-natural smoothies and lots of island attitude.

It's the kind of place you would have stumbled upon on the North Shore during the sixties. Inspired by the original long board surf crowd, it's laid back and relaxed. Cool without trying to be.

It's a mini vacation from all things mundane - and all things corporate. We have built a franchise organization focused on the Hawaiian tradition of family called 'Ohana. And that's how every single one of us treats every single person who comes into Maui Wowi Hawaiian.

While there are lots of coffee and smoothie shops around the country, there is nothing like Maui Wowi Hawaiian. No one has our exclusive line of Hawaiian blend coffee, Kona espresso drinks or our signature Fresh Fruit Smoothies. And no one has our 'Aloha Spirit'.

Welcome to another smoothie day in paradise.

Dietmar Glodde

Area Developer Central Florida